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“ I had a lot of difficulty with my computer programming assignment and with 24 hours left I was freaking out. Thanks for rescuing me on time. You saved me from repeating a college year ”Tom Smith, USA

About Programming Assignment Help

I've been programming for over 30 years, I started writing software in BASIC (on the Commodore Pet) for the school programming software for the science department and writing games for teaching mathematics to the remedial students. I went to night school at age 14, and passed my Computer Studies O level in 1 year. I got a summer job working at a computer store, writing games on the Atari 8 bit computers, and they would put the listings in a book and sell the games on tape.

I studied Computer Science A level and for my project I wrote a program that would convert English language pseudo code into an executable BASIC program, on the BBC computer. I got a job writing a database program as part of mini office suite in 6502 assembly language for the Atari 8 bit computer. I left to go to University, where I studied Computers and Physics. After University I got a job at Binary Design where I was writing games on the Atari ST (I wrote Hyperbowl, which the first omni directional scroller on the system). Next I worked at Consult Software, where I programmed Vindicators, Dragon Spirit, Last Ninja 2, and Little Puff in Dragon Land on the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga. I moved to Domark at wrote The Spy Who Loved Me on the Commdore 64, and Thunderjaws on the ST and Amiga. At Tiertex I wrote Rad Mobile on the Sega Master System, then I moved to Malibu Interactive where I wrote Prime on the Sega Game Gear. I then worked freelance for a while trying to develop a game on the Atari Jaguar and I did some R&D work for Microprose for a isometric 3D combat game. I then worked at Traveller's Tales where I wrote Sonic 3D Blast on the Saturn, and PC. I also worked on Bug's Life, Sonic R and programmed Buzz Lightyear of Star Command on the Gameboy Color. I then worked on Gameboy Advance and wrote F-14 Tomcat, F-18 Strike Fighter and helped on the M&M's party game. The F-14 Tomcat supported 4 player link play, which was the first game to do so.

I then moved into mobile phones working at Digital Bridges, where I wrote a 3D version of a racing game, 2 Sport's Illustrated Quiz games, and a Java bytecode optimizer which allowed floating point arithmetic to be converted to fixed point, and made code smaller which was an issue since some of the phones only supported 64K jar size. At Javaground I wrote the Java to C++ converter which was used to convert J2ME games to run on the BREW handsets (Verizon was the main carrier that used BREW). I also wrote the libraries to support all the BREW handsets, and helped support the porting when people had problems porting to BREW. I then worked on an implementation of the Android JVM trying to port it to run on the BREW phones. I spent around 6 months after that working on the Hutter Prize challenge which is an AI competition to compress 100MB of Wikipedia into the smallest possible size. I've been tutoring and working on homework assignments since then, which is something I find rewarding.