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Java Assignment HelpJava provides a default GUI implementation called Swing which is available on Windows, Mac and Linux so it cross platform on all the major computer systems. Swing is implemented by a series of components, which use virtual methods so you can change the functionality of a component that inherits from one of the system components. You can provide a function that overrides the paint method to change the look and feel, say you wanted circular dials instead of a range control. You can add listeners to components, which respond to key events or mouse events which require you to implement the appropriate interface and call the register method. One problem you may encounter is to do with threads, since the rendering thread is separate from the controller thread. So you may get into trouble if you modify a collection in one thread and iterate over it in another thread. It is worth writing utility code to build menus, that add shortcut key listeners and call the appropriate method when either the menu item is selected or the shortcut key is pressed.

One assignment we completed for a student involved writing a Sudoku program, it used Swing to provide the grid and would pop up a 3 by 3 matrix as you click on a square so you can enter values entirely with the mouse and without using keys at all (although they were supported). Errors were indicated by changing the background color of the cells, and it could also provide hints where a single cell would be solved each time. It used constraints to limit the possibilities, and if there is only 1 possible solution for a cell then it would fill in that and progress, also there are cases where 2 possible values in a 3 by 3 block, it tries to see if 1 combination produces an error, if it does then that implies the other case must be correct. A final attempt is made using recursion to check and backtrack when errors occur. So if this is the type of Java assignment help you are looking for, we are able to provide a customized Swing UI with no issues.

Another interesting assignment was to write a couple of games, using the same basic game engine on two disparate games. The first game was a split screen tank game, and needed a routine to load a multiple frame gif image which was used to draw the tanks and shots, another routine was written so that polyphonic sound could be used (for shooting, explosions, etc). Most of the core game code was used in a Breakout style game, with a few modifications mostly to do with changing angle based code to vector based code, and collision detection was changed as well since the location of the collision became important. So if your assignment requires direct manipulation of graphics we are able to provide the Java homework help you are looking for.

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