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Database Assignment Help

Databases are more widely used than you might think, for example Google Chrome uses a SQLite database to store your bookmarks, history, stored passwords, etc. The advantage of a database over storing the data in format like CSV file is that you don’t need to load the database into memory in order to access it, which means you can store a large amount of data without having to worry about the memory requirements for your program. To do this efficiently you need to consider how it is going to be used, as indexing on a field can vastly improve the performance. You should also design the database so that information is not repeated as this can lead to problems if the information is only updated in one location but not the other. So for example assuming you have a doctors surgery, you may have a patient record with name, address, date of birth. If you have a family they would all have the same address, so updating the address for one would update the address for all of them. Of course you need to consider the fact that people split up, or move out (in the case of children) and so you might need to create a new address and associate that with one of the patients.

Some database homework help we can provide is designing a database in multiple forms (1st normal, 2nd normal and 3rd normal form) and designing the entity relationships. In 1st normal form, you remove all repeating elements (so for an invoice you would have a row for each item purchased rather than having multiple items in a single row), and we need to have order id and item id combined as the primary key (since the key needs to be unique). In 2nd normal form we want to have a simple primary key rather than a composite primary key, and we also want to get rid of derived values (so total price for example). So we split the row into 2 tables, one for the order and one for the item and order. The item and order table is further split into items which store the details of the items (such as description and price) and the specific order (which includes the quantity), and finally in 3rd order form we take into account information that does not depend on the primary key, so we would split the order into order and customer tables.

We can provide database assignment help that involves queries, include complex ones with multiple joins and subqueries on a wide of range of different SQL variants including MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Oracle and even NoSQL databases such as MongoDB. We can even help with code that works under one of the many ORMs, such as Django, Pony, SQLAlchemy (Python ORMs), Hibernate (Java) and LINQ (C#).

You can rely on Programming Assignment Experts to solve all your database questions you may have.


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