Top 5 Reasons Why C++ Is Better Than Java


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  • C++ is inherently faster than Java and has facilities than can make it even faster. In Java each time you construct an object it is on the heap, but C++ allows you to allocate on the stack as well which is much faster. In addition casts are not checked and array bounds are not checked either (although you can do both if you wish).
  • Java has a finalize method but this is not comparable to a destructor which is executed when a variables go out of scope, this means you can use destructors not just for freeing memory which Java does with garbage collection, but for freeing other resources, like file handles, or synchronization locks.
  • Default arguments. In Java you have to write multiple functions with the same name and a different number of arguments that then calls the complete function with the extra values specified. This is not as readable and could have easily been added to Java.
  • You’ve probably been told, macros are evil and should not be used, and in most cases they should not be, but there are some reasons for using them that make code much simpler. For example a logging macro, log(variable) can expand to log_impl(__FILE__, __LINE__, “variable”, variable) which would store “code.cpp(30) variable: 10” to a log file. The other use for the preprocessor is defining code that works on Windows or Linux and using #ifdef or #if statements to control the generated code.
  • Overloaded operators. Perhaps the biggest difference between Java and C++, is the ability to overload operators. You should overload when it makes sense, for example a string class it makes sense to overload + to add 2 strings together, but does – make sense? One Python library uses / so you can separate path elements which are joined using \\ or / depending on the platform. You can also overload [] (to provide access to character in a string for example) and () (which could be used to specify a sub-string).

There are other C++ features that I’ve not covered such as inline methods, template specialization, inline assembly, unions, and probably others. So if you are moving to C++ from Java and need a guide to the differences or just want help writing optimized code then we can help. We can also provide tutoring services if you are looking for that or you can just pay for C++ assignment help and we can do everything from scratch. We offer services both on Windows and Linux (Visual Studio normally on Windows, and GCC on Linux) and can even work on Mac as well if needed.

Of course if you are looking for help with any other programming language we can help with those too, including Python, Java, a variety of assembly languages and many more.

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