What are The Best Programming Languages to Learn?


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  • This is probably the best language to learn as an initial programming language as it uses a very simple syntax that reads almost like pseudo code. Although the language is very simple, it is actually fairly powerful and has an extensive library of modules that can easily be installed. It is used in a lot of large companies and is used to run websites and in big data machine learning. One advantage of Python is that it is very fast to develop since you need to write less code, and this makes it ideal for quick tasks where you are doing something as a one-off, the disadvantage of Python is that it does not run as fast as other programming languages but it does make an ideal language for prototyping even if you plan to implement the code in another language later on.
  • . Java. Java is slightly more complicated than Python and is missing some of the syntax that makes Python more pleasant, but it is faster and more errors are caught by the compiler rather than at run time. Java is cross platform and can be used on Mac, Windows, Linux and it is also used on Android mobile phones. Java is still suitable for beginners since it performs safety checks (array bounds, casts and memory accesses) and it handles memory management without you having to write any code (garbage collection).
  • C++. C++ gives the highest performance of all the mainstream languages but requires that you handle memory yourself, and it does not make run time checks when you cast a pointer or access an array. This can make it harder to debug that Java but not checking saves time which makes the programs run faster. C++ offers features not provided by Java including overloaded operators, which can make the code cleaner.
  • Unlike the other programming languages, Javascript runs on the web browser and so it is limited to interacting with web pages and was initially designed to offer simple interactions but it has been extended to support single page applications, and whole sites that depend on Javascript to exist.

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