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“ I had a lot of difficulty with my computer programming assignment and with 24 hours left I was freaking out. Thanks for rescuing me on time. You saved me from repeating a college year ”Tom Smith, USA

Programming Homework Help

During the past 6 years I've been providing Programming Assignment Help/ Programming Homework Help and Programming Project Help in Assembly, C, C++, Java, Python, .NET AND C#. I love programming as it's one of the greatest challenges since every problem is different.

I used to write games in assembly language, on a variety of processors and have completed assignments such as a x86 assembler along with 20+ programs to demonstrate it, a program to solve sudoku puzzles as well a much simpler assignments.

C and C++ are used where performance is important, and I wrote a few games using them and for assignments they tend to be fairly simple although some use Linux based code rather than Visual Studio. The most complex assignments are the ones involving OpenGL.

I've wrote games on cell phones using Java, but also wrote a bytecode optimizer that fixed a lot of the output from the java compiler and went on to write a program that converted java into c++. For assignment they can be more complex than c++ assignments as they use a GUI, and I've dealt with Swing based application, web server and also simple terminal based ones.

Python I only started a few years ago, but it has rapidly become a favorite since it is so quick to write a program to solve a problem. I've done some large database driven websites using it in conjunction with Django but I've also done assignments using bottle to support a small website or provide a html ui for some program, although I've also used tkinter for gui as well. Be sure to mention which version of python as there are some significant differences between python 2 and 3.

Upload your assignment details at our website enquiry form or mail it to me at

You can call me at +1 (806) 589 0338. I always receive calls when I am available, In case I don't receive it then you can call again. Please call between 7am EST to 11 pm EST.

My Programming Team is available 24X7 on live chat. In case you don't find me live on skype or not receiving calls then you can always discuss your requirements with them.